Satchels of Gold (cattyhunts) wrote in rtwithbillmaher,
Satchels of Gold

Tonight's Show

That Christopher Hitchens guy is an ass! The way is acting towards Bill and Bill's audience is clearly disrespectful.
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I want somebody to punch him in the face.
haha. word.
Flipping off the audience, that's class. Can't say I'll ever buy another Vanity Fair magazine. What a dick.
Yeah, he is clearly an ass. I hate that they keep having him back. Even when he is agreeing with everyone he acts like the people stole his thoughts and then has to come back with his own version making it sound like they were stupid for saying what he wanted to say.
Let's hope this was the LAST TIME they have him on. I saw how mad Bill kept getting everytime Christopher insulted the audience.
Oh, did you also notice at the end during new rules and even into the credits they only showed Stubbs McGee and Bill, never panning to Chris. I'm assuming he just got up and left.
I was shocked at how much of an asshat he was.
Usually I expect him to be an ass--but my GOD he was just a complete and total prick last night. what the hell? Attacking the audience and saying they'd laugh at anything? I know Bill wants variety in his panel but he could've gotten a hotheaded republican who at least would've shown some respect.